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If you have an event of your own or you are planning a night out for a client or employee, call us first. Goldworks Entertainment is as much about creating memorable events as it is about bringing you to other exciting events in the city. We work with our list of merchants to give you unique opportunities, as well as great rewards.

We don’t just plan events: we make them happen. You want your event to be well-attended and to be an enjoyable time that every guest will talk about. If you have an event you need to organize big or small, find out what we can do to help make it a success.

Event Marketing

Hosting a specialized event provides an incredible opportunity to reach consumers in their native environment and opens up a world of specific marketing opportunities. Live events can take a variety of forms from outdoor concerts to club nights to public gatherings and talent shows.

Goldworks has a wealth of event marketing experience that allows us to pinpoint the best option for your brand and its potential customers. We can then utilize our knowledge of event production, talent buying, street marketing, media placement, online marketing and aesthetic design to execute the event seamlessly so attendees walk away feeling great about the experience and your brand.

Corporate Well Being

Goldworks Entertainment realizes that the well being of employees reflects on the success of the company. We offer many programs such as massages, personal trainers, fitness training groups, a night out around the city or a weekend getaway. The program can be run for one or groups of many and are tailored to suit every individual’s needs and goals.

Promo Team

Goldworks’s promo team offers effective brand representation and street marketing solutions. We take great pride in our promo team, and our street team embodies this spirit in all of the work that we do. We want the world to see our energetic and positive spirit, and we rely on our promotional team to give us a positive image in the community.

Our programs offer measurable results and are designed to strategically get the word out about your products, services or events across Canada.

We offer coverage in all major Canadian markets and key secondary markets. We work diligently with you each step of the way, from the strategic planning stage, through to production, then on to staffing and finally the execution.

Product Launches

Through our affiliates and other industry contacts, we can offer exclusivity at some of the greatest hot spots regardless of the size and type of launch planned.

Many questions arise when a new product is ready to be launched:

* Is worldwide distribution your ultimate goal?
* If so, how soon should you expect to achieve it and how do you get in that position?
* How can you find buyers and build long-term relationships with them?
* How do you ease profitable buyer-supplier interaction?
* How do you affordably match your product with the right buyers?
* What sort of media presence should be at the launch?
* Does some form of cross-promotion or sponsorship marketing make sense?


Our marketing specialists and event planners will work closely with you to organize the ideal fundraising event. We begin with a thorough analysis of your needs, then move onto the conception phase. We then finalize your assignment with the critical implementation stage.

We can help make your fundraiser a success regardless of whether it is for a commercial enterprise, a non-profit organization or a not-for-profit organization. Our goal is your success.

Promote With Us

Whether you are simply a popular person or you promote parties on your spare time, and are interested in making money with us, and traveling for free, let us know.

Goldoworks Entertainment works with promoters and sales teams all over North America who promote our exclusive events and other events in Montreal. We have the ideas and tools to make the earnings potential of being a foreign promoter very lucrative.

Imagine promoting an event in conjunction with promoters from across the continent, creating an international appeal to all the events. The excitement of partying with hundreds or thousands of people from New York, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, etc. is usually enough to create enough of a stir that the amount of time you actually spend promoting the event is minimized.
We generally work with established night club and restaurant promoters/owners and university campus representatives.

We offer many benefits and advantages to professional and amateur promoters
If you are interested in affiliating with Goldworks Entertainment as promoter, please contact us.


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